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Songs des Tages: Té – Zu / Lang

Von    |   24. September 2012   |   0 Kommentare

Trotz gehörigem Engagement fällt die japanische Post/MathRock-Band Té weniger durch die Musik als ihre Songtitel auf.

The pleasure of life is the „inoculation“ of death and the raw power with which we walk to the end / Magic smoulders in the depths of optimism as the remnant of „sin“ conceived by the collective unconscious of a million people / Realize that morality is a device of power, and „shackles“ the ultimate freedom of the people / With the fluctuation of a „string“, is spun a pattern of diversity, so the transient ensemble plays / The seeker, the inhabitant of the chromatic scale world, wandering in the relative events of the „middle tier“ / A honeymoon of „particles“ in the obscure is the mortal coil of my sparkling, momentary existence / Having fun at the boundary of the continuous and the discontinuous, the thread of life „sacrifice“ a plaything / „Convulsive“ beauty in sound is the horror of the body beyond the idea to visit the wild / The dream world does not fear the „censorship“ of gravity as the ethereal body breaks through from the closed inside / I am a dip in the river. The current flows through but ripples remain. The „dynamic“ order / Only the obstinate roar to reject money violates the taboo. „Shout“ in meditation.

Was sich wie ein kryptisches Gedicht liest, sind die Song-Namen des fünften Albums von Té, das geradezu prägnant „Therefore, the illusion of density breach, the tottering world ‚forget‘ tomorrow“ heisst.

Eine Eigenheit vieler Instrumental-Bands scheint ja, dass sie den fehlenden Text gerne mal in die Track-Titel packen. Die Aphorismen von Té widerspiegeln durchaus den vertrackten Anspruch ihrer Musik. Oder andersrum.

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