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  • Bands bei Twitter: Eine kleine Wochenschau

    Von    |   16. Februar 2009   |   2 Kommentare

    Seit gut einer Woche zeigt der 78s Bandradar, was Bands und Musiker bei Twitter alles schreiben. Eine kleine Wochenschau der besten Wortmeldungen.

    Coldplay: fucking hell radiohead are good. their rehearsal was electric

    Lily Allen: PETA , By the way my coat isn’t real fur, but it was bloddy expensive. Cover me in paint and I WILL send you the bill.

    Trent Reznor: Last day of NIN rehearsal!

    Mike Skinner/The Streets: Im stuck in Singapore airport with only ribs and jennifer lopez to keep me company

    Lily Allen: @perezhilton fuck off

    MC Hammer: Lance Armstrong’s Bike that was stolen this morning.

    Choo Choo: we finally got our working permits for playing in the USA. Neat, now we need to go to the US Ambassy in Bern to get our visas

    Nick Cave: Drunk-dialed again by Nina Hagen.

    MC Hammer: Legacy Thieves still control (influence) old media.. the more I interact with the people the weaker their position… so I express myself

    Talib Kweli: Skip gates says race is not biological. It is based on environment. Ethnicity is biological. We all Ethiopian then lol

    Mojave: from ben’s review of our show „Mojave’s the kind of band that sneaks up on you quietly and ninjas your brain“

    > Mehr Twitter-Wortmeldungen im 78s Bandradar
    > Interview: “Twitter ist zu einem wichtigen Bestandteil unseres Bandalltags geworden”

    2 Reaktionen

    1. #1 Tschino

      18:39 Uhr, 16.2.2009, Link

      huch ist das aufregend…

    2. #2 Björn

      01:55 Uhr, 17.2.2009, Link


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