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Best Band Shirt Competition // Press Release

Von    |   11. September 2008   |   0 Kommentare

Swiss music site 78s.ch and the online shop street-files.com launch „Best-Band-Shirt-Competition“. The two independent platforms have set a goal to reanimate the culture of the band T-shirt.

Best Band Shirt

Music and fashion have always been connected. Pop stars and music scenes have often been defined by their fashion. T-shirts with the Stones Tongue, AC/DC-Logos or Bob Marley designs were an important part of youth culture in the earlier days.

Instead of leaving today’s T-shirt culture dominated by some big players that simply put their logos on the shirts, we invite bands, graphic designers, illustrators, young labels and artists to send their contribution for this competition to bestbandshirt@78s.ch before September 25 2008.

From the September 30 to October 30 2008 you’ll get to vote and rate the designs on www.street-files.com. The top 5 T-shirts will be produced as a limited edition collection and will be available at street-files.com

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