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Chewy: Die Entscheidung

Von    |   30. November 2007   |   1 Kommentar

chewy.jpgSMS-Spass mit Chewy-Sänger Greg Wicky (im rot-weissen Longshirt):

Dear Greg, music-blog 78s.ch has been spreading rumors this week that chewy might actually return onto the scene again. How probable is it that you guys really pick up your instruments again in order to re-conquer the stages together?

Greg: I really dont’t know if we’re gonna play more. I’m kinda hopin but I guess we’ll talk about it tonight after the lausanne-show.

The Decision: Heute Abend, Chewy live at Le Romandie, Lausanne. Wir bleiben dran und reisen hin.

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  1. #1 Bernd

    22:35 Uhr, 20.2.2008, Link

    chewy frvr!!

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