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Was machen eigentlich The Delilahs? – eine Antwort

Von    |   26. Juni 2007   |   10 Kommentare

Gestern haben wir uns und euch gefragt, was eigentlich die Delilahs machen. Eine (provisorische) Antwort haben wir nun auf Nachfrage von Nigel Day, dem Manager der Delilahs, erhalten:

„I can fully understand that some people may be interested to know what is happening with The Delilahs. As always, rumour is widespread and it’s always interesting to read how people’s ’snippets‘ of information translate into the ‚truth‘. Enough to say that there are many who are speculating, and very few who know what is actually happening. Your timing is quite appropriate as there is a press statement being prepared for release in about 2 weeks. Hopefully that will satisfy people’s curiosity on a number of issues.“

Wir bleiben dran und halten euch auf dem Laufenden