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    Von    |   28. Oktober 2006   |   0 Kommentare

    The Skygreen Leopard – Disciples of California (Irascible)
    Isis – In the Absence of Truth (Irascible)
    The Evens – Get Evens (Irascible)
    The Curtains – Calamity (Irascible)
    Saosin – Saosin (EMI)
    Naturally 7 – Ready 2 Fly (EMI)
    Dierks Bentley – Long Trip Alone (EMI)
    June Christy – The Intimate (EMI)
    Cheb Mami – Layali (EMI)
    Archive – Noise/Unplugged/All Look the Same (Warner)
    Black Bomb A – One Sund Bit to React (Warner)
    My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade (Limited Edition) (Warner)
    The Who – Endless Wire (Universal)
    Children of Bodom – Live (Universal)
    I am Ghost – Lovers Requiem (Phonag)
    Converge – No Heroes (Phonag)
    Funky Brotherhood – Try it (MV)
    Union of Knives – Violence and Birdsongs (MV)
    Pet – Rewind the Sofa Lady (MV)
    The Residents – Tweedless (MV)
    Europe – Secret Society (MV)
    Miho Hatori – Ecdysis (MV)

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