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Bonn appétit: Les Suisses (Sonntagsmusik-Spécial)

Von    |   19. Mai 2013   |   0 Kommentare

In der sonntäglichen Kilbi-Musig werfen wir ein Ohr auf einige der attraktiven Lokalartisten.

One Sentence. Supervisor
sail on a feather thru life’s heavy sea (Baden)

> FESTIVAL-OPENER: Do, 23.5., Club Stage 16.30

A Crashed Blackbird Called Rosehip
accoustic paintings of bewitching beauty (St. Gallen)

> Do, 23.5., Club Stage 18.30

Domi Chansorn
too talented to die (Huttwil)
„bright times can be dark as well“

> Do, 23.5., Club Stage 21.00

Evelinn Trouble
the changing moods of an underground-diva (Züri)
„I was angry, you were drunk, I guess our moods matched somehow“

> Fr, 24.5., B-Stage 16.30

Mother Razorblade
Rhine Maidens going wild (Basel)

> Fr, 24.5., Club Stage 17.30

DJ meets band for sunset-chill (Fribourg)

Picar by Pandour
>Fr, 24.4., Club Stage 19.30

the de(con)struction of rock in the name of art (Züri)
„innocent by-standers, be prepared!“

> Fr. 24.4., B-Stage 20.00

Grand Atlas Mondial
a whisper in the digital dark (Fribourg)

Grand Atlas Mondial – Spark Made On The Surface Of A Body by Grand Atlas Mondial
> Sa, 25.5., Club Stage 18.00

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