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lofiDogma #33: The Clowns

Von    |   27. März 2009   |   12 Kommentare

„Not funny but fun“ lautet das Motto der zurzeit angesagtesten Schweizer Band (sofern man wie MTV und MotorFm davon ausgeht, dass Bonaparte aus Berlin kommt).

Sie erzählen jedem, der sie fragt eine andere Band-Entstehungsgeschichte. Darum haben wir sie natürlich auch dazu befragt, denn nichts ist schöner als erfundene Geschichten. The Clowns aus Zürich begeistern mit einer energiegeladenen Mischung aus Garage-Rock, Glam und Kindergeburtstag. Wie cool sie sind, haben sie im Rahmen der 33. lofiDogma-Aufnahmen zelebriert. Nach dem Interview und den Aufnahmen zum lofiDogma-Song „In The Gutter“ haben sie einen spontanen Offtake zum Besten gegeben. Hell Ya!

> hier geht’s zum lofiDogma-Song „In The Gutter“

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  1. #1 Gabriel

    16:04 Uhr, 28.3.2009, Link

    Ich find ja die ganze Clown-Attitüde ja etwas vom Uncoolsten. Arme Interviewer, arme Leser/Viewer.

    Aber geil sind die schon, hot damn. Was für eine Band.

  2. #2 stubenrein

    18:39 Uhr, 28.3.2009, Link

    Ist das nicht diese Coverband?

  3. #3 Frederick Obando

    21:23 Uhr, 2.4.2009, Link

    Hey my dear people from 78s, Thanks a lot for that little documentation.
    We enjoyed it a lot at the lofidogma studio. Recording, drinking, eating, posing for the photos and last but not least answering interview questions. It was nice!

    Maybe you will include us in your next Band-Quartett, that would be awsome.

    I didn’t quiet get all of what you wrote up there in your german introduction, but what I did understand was, that you mentioned our story, how we met, was made up?

    Well, everybody is entiteled to their own opinion and whatever I say here probably wont change the way you look at it, but I do want to emphasize that it absolutely did happen the way I told it in the interview.
    This whole issue actually illustrates pretty well the diffuculties of living as a clown outside of the circusloop: people always think your joking, even when you tell the truth.

    Anyways. Thank you for everything.

  4. #4 Mathias

    23:32 Uhr, 2.4.2009, Link

    hehe. sorry, then I got that wrong. I just read two other Interviews after our recording session and in these you told different storys about coming together as a band. in that case: I sincerely apologize!

  5. #5 Frederick Obando

    15:47 Uhr, 3.4.2009, Link

    No, you don’t have to apologize! Please.
    I just wanted to set that straight.

    By the way, mentioning us in the same sentence as Bonaparte is quiet an honor.
    We just wish that one day we can be as good as they are now! We’ll keep on trying.

  6. #6 Curt

    19:22 Uhr, 4.4.2009, Link

    how come you guys only speak in english when it’s quite apparent that you’re not native speakers?

  7. #7 Frederick Obando

    02:43 Uhr, 5.4.2009, Link

    Well, Curt. You are right, I’m not a native speaker but I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated than that.
    I for one have no real mother tongue. It was all a big mixture, french, spanish, italian, a little bit of german – english was just the common ground on wich first my parents and then I could comunicate on. So from all of the poorly spoken languages that I grew up on, english established itself as „the one eyed among the blind“, if you will.

    People often ask me where I’m from, but that’s not that easy to answer. Let me try it for you:
    My father is german, my mother from South America, they met in England, fell in love, married and moved to Reykjavík (Iceland), where I was born. We lived there for 3 years before we moved to New York. When I was 13 we left the United States and came back to Europe. We travelled around Europe with a caravan, like gipsys. My parents are hippies though … but with a gipsy state of mind :-)
    We lived that lifestyle for quiet a while until my parents got tired of it and that’s how we ended up in Switzerland.

    So I guess my twisted accent is rooted in my twisted life story.

    And to answer your question: Because my german is a lot worse than my english.

  8. #8 lamelan

    16:10 Uhr, 6.4.2009, Link

    dude, i think you’re full of sh*t =)

  9. #9 Frederick Obando

    16:12 Uhr, 6.4.2009, Link

    … arent‘ we all … in one way or another?

  10. #10 Thorbjörn Maðurinn í svörtu

    00:04 Uhr, 27.4.2010, Link

    Fred Eric, þú ert frá Íslandi. Big Cinema! Mér finnst tónlist mjög mikið. En ég furða … hvernig eldfjallaösku samhæft með hári þínu? Ert þú að fara eins og a ganga? Gera þú eins og hunda? Spurningar, spurningar …

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