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78s Motel: Back to the Future mit Favez-Sänger Chris

Von    |   24. November 2007   |   1 Kommentar

I remember 2007 really well, it was soooo damn cool, we used to chat on myspace, make new friends, I remember all the excitement that would arise when Against Me posted their album, you could listen to it, check out the torrents and download the songs, we’d chat about it for hours on msn, those were the good old days…

Now it’s all about going to a boring mental wi-fi connection place, hooking up your brain and exchanging your thoughts… The kids nowadays don’t even use a keyboard! There’s no real relationship, you’re not chatting, you’re not even adding friends anymore, it just makes me sick. Ah, the good times we had… My Chemical Romance! Now that’s what I call music. We’d plug in the good ol‘ webcam and check out each others‘ eyeliner listening to the Black Parade. That’s how rock and roll is supposed to be listened to: great sounding 64kbps Mp3s. These days it’s all about 1Ko multi compressed crap, you can’t even hear the phasing on the cymbals! In 2007, we could have fun with barely 400 Gigas of downloads, now they need at least a 10% DDBC (Direct Download to Brain Capacity) to be satisfied. And the crap these kids listen to is unbelievable. Give me one lyric as powerful as the late great Avril Lavigne’s: „this innocence is brilliant, i hope that it will stay, this moment is perfect, please don’t go away“.

I know that some of you think that I’m just an old asshole who can’t adapt to society, but I do believe that rock music was meant to be in Tony Hawks games and in Mercedes adds, not floating in the air waiting for some stupid kid to get it on his DDBC. You used to have to work hard, surf the net, even go to a Starbucks to get your music, now you can just wait for it to land in your skull. No work, no investment, no pleasure.

Thank god some old school bands like Fall Out Boy are still using the good old method of posting blogs and spamming their Friends, I could never get used to the DDBC ways. Don’t these new Chinese bands know about different time zones? Waking up in the middle of the night to hear a tour announcement screaming in your head just doesn’t do it for me! I’m not talking about the pre historical ways, of course the Vinylised Compacted Diskettes (or whatever they were called) totally sucked, to have to get up and press play on your turntable needle was grotesque and I’m glad technology saved us from THAT, but nowadays, it’s just going too far and too fast.

That’s the problem with the kids, they just don’t know where to stop. We just should have freezed in 2007, when everything was simple and human…

Signed: Angry In Lausanne.

> Chris Wicky ist Favez-Frontmann, ab und zu nostalgisch und zurzeit in der Deutschschweiz auf Tour.

Illustration: Sarah von Blumenthal

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    recht hat er. wie immer. punkt.

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